Helpful Tips For Packing Your Storage Unit For Future Convenience

Putting your household items into a storage unit can be a lot of work. Getting an item you need out once the unit is packed can be even harder. There are some things you can do while you are packing your things and when you store them that will make it much easier for you to get to what you need in the unit so you can retrieve items fast and without risking breakage or even injury to yourself. Read More 

Load Your Storage Unit Like An Expert With These Three Tips

When you have too many possessions at home that are leading to cramped living quarters, you can often find a solution in the form of a storage unit. Renting this space from a self-storage facility in your community allows you to relocate certain items -- including seasonal decorations and sentimental things that you don't frequently use -- to the unit and restore the order in your home. When it comes to filling the storage unit, it's important to avoid doing so in a disorganized manner. Read More 

Self Storage Tips For Winter

Self storage units are a great solution for year round storage, but if your items will be stored during the winter you may want to take some extra precautions to protect your belongings from inclement weather. Here are some things to note when packing your storage unit for winter.  Be Careful with Liquids If your items will be stored in a non-heated unit over the winter, you may need to be careful about storing liquids and chemicals. Read More 

Added Protection For Sensitive Items In Storage

When putting your belongings into storage, you need to be aware of certain conditions that could change over a long period of time. Leaving papers, cloth, plastics or wood in an open storage room may be good for certain months in certain areas, but you need to be aware of daily climate changes that could affect indoor climate. Before leaving everything to chance, take the time to understand a few protection and preparation ideas for stored items. Read More 

How To Save Money On Your Storage Unit

The cost of a storage unit can vary greatly, depending on how efficiently you use the space. Here are some tips on reducing your storage unit cost. Let Go of Some Items Before you stick everything in a storage unit, be sure that the cost will be worth it to store your items. First, evaluate the items based on their size (and the cost of storage space that they'll take up). Read More