How To Save Money On Your Storage Unit

The cost of a storage unit can vary greatly, depending on how efficiently you use the space. Here are some tips on reducing your storage unit cost.

Let Go of Some Items

Before you stick everything in a storage unit, be sure that the cost will be worth it to store your items. First, evaluate the items based on their size (and the cost of storage space that they'll take up). Compare the cost of storage to the cost of selling depreciated items and buying new ones.

It also helps to consider what's essential for your storage unit and what's not. If you aren't sure what will fit in your unit, then you can load up your items into piles including must-haves and boxes that are okay to get rid of if there's not enough space.

Ask for Discounts

Storage is a competitive industry, so you may be able to negotiate on the price. Especially if the competitors are offering a similar price, you can sometimes get away with asking for a 10% discount. You can also get discounts by renting a space for a defined (long-term) period of time or by renting out a larger space and splitting the area with a friend.

Ask for a Truck

You may also be able to get some perks just by asking. For instance, many storage units will have moving trucks available that you can use when loading up a new space.

Use Stackable Trays or Shelves

The best option for storing small items is to have stackable trays; these can help you to use space more efficiently when they're full, but they are also easy to separate and collapse when they're not needed.

Have a Professional Load the Space

It makes a big difference when your storage space is stacked correctly. You can have a professional mover load your storage space to use the unit most efficiently. They may also advise you on how much space bulky or oddly-shaped items will take up, so you can choose whether to leave them behind.

Rent out Space

If you find that you have space left over in your storage unit, don't let it go to waste. Many people may be looking for storage of just a few items, and you can charge a premium to have them stored in your space.

With these tips for improving your storage unit's efficiency, you can get more bang for your buck on your storage unit rental in Denver CO.