Helpful Tips For Packing Your Storage Unit For Future Convenience

Putting your household items into a storage unit can be a lot of work. Getting an item you need out once the unit is packed can be even harder. There are some things you can do while you are packing your things and when you store them that will make it much easier for you to get to what you need in the unit so you can retrieve items fast and without risking breakage or even injury to yourself.

Label everything as clearly as possible

Each box should be labeled on all four sides with a list of contents. If you don't want to write an entire list on each box, then you can write the contents on a sheet of paper and number each box. Then, write the number largely on all four sides. When you need something, you can find the item on the paper, make a note of the box's number and look for that box.

Instead of having miscellaneous items mixed in with many of the other boxes, consider having a few boxes full of all those miscellaneous items. You can keep these boxes together in the storage unit so you know right where to go for those odd things you may need. Another good idea is to put the miscellaneous items in clear storage bins. Instead of writing down each individual item, you will be able to spot them through the bin.

Pack the storage unit room by room

It's going to be much easier of you put all your large items against the back wall before you start packing the boxes into the unit. Line the left side, back and right side of the unit, making three sides of a square. Pack the unit with boxes from one room together, then the next room and so on.

Once you have created the sides of a square, you can put the rest of the boxes in the unit in straight lines, leaving a couple feet between them. You're trying to pack the unit like a store, so you can get to all your boxes.

Try putting items you will need on top

While you want to pack the unit with the heavier, larger boxes on the bottom and the lighter, smaller boxes on top, you still want to keep in mind that the items you need the most should be toward the top. For this reason, try packing them in the smaller boxes. You can add a star on the boxes to make it easier to spot them while you are putting your things in the unit.

By putting some extra thought into how you pack your things into the storage unit, you can make things a lot easier on yourself. Click here for more information.