Self Storage Tips For Winter

Self storage units are a great solution for year round storage, but if your items will be stored during the winter you may want to take some extra precautions to protect your belongings from inclement weather. Here are some things to note when packing your storage unit for winter. 

Be Careful with Liquids

If your items will be stored in a non-heated unit over the winter, you may need to be careful about storing liquids and chemicals. Some cleaning chemicals, for instance, can be denatured by extreme cold temperatures, and the containers may burst if the liquid freezes. Read on the side of any liquids about the temperature range for these items, and toss them if they can't handle cold temperatures. 

Watch Out for Glass

If you want to protect your glass from breaking over the winter, be sure to wrap it with insulated material. Try to be sure that the glass's surface is evenly wrapped; uneven pressure points on the glass can make it more likely to crack. 

Use Fabric Instead of Plastic Covers

Plastic covers can trap moisture in, so you might want to invest in some moving blankets instead; these can act as an insulating layer to protect your boxes. 

Make Sure Everything is Clean

If you are storing outdoor furniture or other dirty items for the winter, make sure these are clean and dry before packing them. The cold weather won't allow your items to dry out easily, and they may cause nearby items to mold or mildew. 

Ask About Climate Control

If you are in doubt about storing your items during the winter, ask you self storage facility about their climate control process. Some storage units have extra insulation or climate controlled areas to keep your items for freezing in harsh weather. 

Take Out Insurance

If you still have questions about leaving your items in storage over the winter, it can't hurt to take out insurance. Some self storage facilities offer their own insurance along with your unit rental. You could also take out property insurance that covers your personal belongings. 

As long as you take the precautions above and store fragile items with care, self storage units are a great option for storing items year round or for storing outdoor items during the winter. Ask your storage facility to help you insulate your belongings so that you can keep them in good shape throughout the winter. Go to sites to find out more information on storage facilities.