Put Your Cold Weather Clothing Into Self Storage This Summer

The summer season brings the return of shorts and t-shirts for many and you are likely enjoying leaving your bulkier, heavier clothing in your closet or stocked into storage bins in your basement or spare room. But what if you didn't have to keep this unnecessary clothing inside your own house during a time of year when you don't need it? A local self storage company may be able to help you reclaim your house. Here's why you should look into putting your cold-weather clothing into self storage this summer.

Use Your Closet Space for Other Needs 

Between your clothes for all seasons, perhaps you are running out of storage space inside your closet or your clothing drawers and bins. Wouldn't it be nice if you could remove about half of that stuff from your home and free up space for other things? You might have more room to buy more summer clothing or you could use the freed-up space for another purpose like using the bins or drawers to store items for your favorite hobby.

Avoid Scrunching Clothes Together

You may technically have enough room in your closet for both your winter and summer clothes but what if it's an especially tight fit? If you have to scrunch your winter and summer clothes together to get everything to fit, your summer clothes are going to be looking wrinkled and you may have to iron clothes more often, especially if you have summer dresses or other fancy clothing to keep in good condition. Giving all of your clothing more room to space out can also reduce long-term wear and tear. If you hang dry some clothes in your closet after putting them in the wash, you'll have more room to air things out and let the clothes dry faster.

Less Clutter Gives Peace of Mind 

Putting clothes you don't need for several months or longer into storage can help reduce needless clutter inside your home. A clean home tends to be a happy home and this should hopefully go a long way towards giving you better peace of mind. You'll know your winter clothes are secure in your chosen facility but you'll also have more room within your house during this fun time of the year.

You Can Swap In Your Summer Clothes This Fall

Once you start renting out a self storage unit, you can use it even as the seasons change. For example, when fall and winter return, you can put your summer clothes into storage when you go to retrieve your cold-weather clothing. This way, your house will always have more room because you are no longer keeping clothes for all seasons inside your home.