A Couple Things To Put In Heated Storage As The Temperature Drops

If you live in a very cold climate, then you have likely grown accustomed to dealing with the things that come with such cold weather. Some things you may be used to doing around your home can include letting the faucets drip during freezing temps to avoid bursting pipes and salting the walkways to avoid slipping on ice. However, something else you want to do is protect things that you generally keep outside once the weather turns. Even if you haven't been protecting these things so far, it's a good idea to start doing so. Moving some items into a heated storage unit can be a great way to protect them. Here are a couple of things you may want to move into a heated storage unit for the colder months: 

Move your classic car into a heated storage unit

When you have a classic car, you want to keep it in the best environment possible, so you can protect it from damage. If you don't have a heated garage available for it, then consider a heated storage unit. 

Rain, snow, and ice can eventually take their toll on your classic car. Rain can seep into any areas that aren't properly sealed. The rain can then cause water damage and mold growth as the weather warms. Snow and ice can stick to the sides of the car and end up damaging the paint and the seals. Very cold temperatures can also expand and contract with extreme weather changes. A heated storage unit is going to keep your classic car at a nice temperature and offer it a closed space where it's also protected from other things like wind, animals, and more. 

Put your outdoor furniture into a heated storage unit

Yes, outdoor furniture is expected to be kept out in the elements. However, this is also expected to be within reason. You should move the furniture into a safer space as the very cold weather comes. Otherwise, it will also be subjected to weather conditions that can cause a lot of damage to it. 

A lot of different materials of outdoor furniture can be damaged by excessive moisture, cold temperatures, and snow and ice. One of the concerns you should have with your furniture can include having the wood swell, crack, and rot. Also, vinyl can end up being destroyed. There will be concerns about rust in some areas of the furniture as well. A heated storage unit will keep everything dry, as well as out of the cold, damaging temperatures.

For more information on heated storage, contact a local storage company.