Appealing Reasons To Use Pallet Racks In Your Warehouse Organization

The organization of your warehouse is critical to its overall function and safety. You must ensure that all of the inventory that you keep in it is stored safely and kept away from detriments like water and pests.

Instead of stacking boxes, totes, and containers of inventory on the floor, you can store them on durable pallets. You can take advantage of what using pallet racks can offer to your warehouse's organization and safety.

Weight Tolerance

Pallet racks may look relatively flimsy and thin. However, they are actually designed to withstand a high amount of weight. In fact, you can stack hundreds of pounds on them without causing the material from which they are made to bow, bend, crack or break into pieces.

When you have heavy objects that you want to keep stored off of the warehouse floor, you can stack them on pallet racks. The pallet racks will hold the items' weight and keep them off the floor and stored safely in your warehouse.

Protection from Damages

Pallet racks can also keep your warehouse's inventory away from detriments that can significantly damage or ruin it. For example, if mice and rats have invaded your warehouse, they can chew through boxes and get to the food or fabric stored inside. These pests can ruin the inventory and force your business to write off thousands of dollars in damages.

Further, water can ruin inventory your warehouse gets flooded. By storing inventory on pallet racks, you can keep it stored off the floor and up high enough from any water that might get into the place. You avoid having to get rid of soaked containers of freight and sustaining thousands of dollars or more in losses to your business.

Low Cost

Finally, pallet racks are low in cost and readily available to buy at most home improvement stores. They are made from affordable materials like plywood that are less expensive. The low cost in making them spares you from having to pay out big money to purchase them to use in your warehouse. You may only spend a small amount of cash to buy enough on which to store your inventory.

Pallet racks offer a number of benefits to your warehouse. They are durable and capable of holding hundreds of pounds of weight. They keep freight away from things like pests and water and come at a low price. Contact someone like All Storage Products for more information.