Choosing A Dolly Or Hand Truck To Help Move Items To Your Self-Storage Unit

If you've decided to move some of your items into a storage unit, then you need to know what tools you might need to get them into your unit. You will most likely need to have some kind of hand truck or dolly to move things around easily. These devices have rollers that make moving bulky or heavy items easier. There are a variety of different types of dollies available depending on what you want to move. You may need more than one type, especially if you're moving both large and small items. Here is more information how certain types of hand trucks and dollies can help.

Hand trucks:,

The term "hand truck" is often used interchangeably with "dolly," but some people may insist there is a difference. Hand trucks are usually in a "L" shape, and they have two wheels. Other types dollies have four or more wheels and are shaped more like a flat cart. Hand trucks are useful for moving items that are tall and narrow. For example, they are great for moving stacks of boxes or even a small love seat tilted on its side. Some of them have higher weight capacities and can even be used to move heavy appliances like refrigerators. Be sure you are using one rated for appliances before attempting them use them on those items.

Flat dollies:

Other types of dollies are generally flat and designed to carry the item directly from underneath. Some of these dollies have protective material to keep from damaging your furniture or other items. To use them, you must be able to lift up the thing you want to transport and place it on the dolly's surface. You may need more than one depending on the size of the thing you want to move. Be sure to check the weight limits on these dollies before you use them. While some of them are rated to hold a high weight, some are only designed for light items. Several other specialty dollies, such as those designed specifically for desks, automobiles and furniture, are also available, but harder to find.

Since you are probably only going to need a dolly or hand truck for this one moving event, you may want to ask the manager at your self-storage rental, such as at Northwest Self Storage, if they have any available. Chances are that they may have a couple of different types, or they will know where you can find the type you need. Before moving into your storage unit, check it out to see if you will have special maneuverability issues that may require a certain type of dolly or hand truck.