Need To Put A Lot Of Shoes Into Storage? 3 Tips To Keep Several Materials Protected

Having a large collection of shoes is not just for fashion purposes. Not wearing the same shoes every day can help them last longer, and you need to have multiple pairs in order to make this happen. Having one pair of tennis shoes and a single pair of boots is also not enough. During winter, you may need to wear boots on a daily basis, which means you need to have at least two pairs of boots to keep switching. If you put certain shoes into a self storage facility throughout the year, you need to know how to protect them.

Canvas Shoes

Although not all canvas shoes are made this way, the popular Vans are constructed with cotton. So you need to follow methods that will protect cotton fabric from getting damaged. This means you will want to get your hands on several plastic bins that you can use to put these shoes in for storage. Covering the fabric in acid-free tissue paper is an important part of the process. The cotton also needs to breathe, so you should prioritize plastic totes that have air pockets, or make your own with a simple drill.

Rubber Boots

When you live in an area where it rains heavily for a season or two, you may have your rubber boots in your home for six months and then another six months in storage. Cleaning these boots before storage is as simple as giving them a mild bath, and then you should follow up with a conditioning after they dry. Since you want to prevent your rubber boots from getting dried out, you should only stick to units with climate control. Non-climate controlled storage units are susceptible to heat, cold, and humidity. 

Leather and Suede Shoes

While you want to keep moisture out with canvas shoes, leather and suede welcome it. The easiest way to maintain shoes in leather or suede is to put them in plastic bins or plastic bags. At the same time, you do not want to expose them to extreme environments, so this means climate control is another winner. To further improve protection, you should condition your leather shoes or boots before storing them.

Storing shoes is not as simple as putting them in storage and in the same container. Each material requires unique care, and using these tips will prevent any of your shoes from getting damaged while in storage.