Simple Maintenance Tasks To Complete Before You Store Your Vehicle For The Winter

Instead of subjecting all your vehicles to the harsh conditions of the winter, it's ideal to think about storing any vehicle that you don't use over the winter. Placing the vehicle inside your garage can work, but this can often be a challenge if the garage is already tight for space. Instead, look for a storage facility near your home that accepts cars. Dropping off your vehicle at the facility before the snow flies and then picking it up again in the springtime means that it will be safe from snow, salt and other winter-related concerns. Before your store your car, however, it's important to complete a short list of maintenance tasks that will keep the vehicle and its components healthy over the winter. Here are some things to do.

Remove The Battery

There's a high probability that your vehicle's battery will die over the course of not being used for several months, so the smart move is to remove the battery from the vehicle once you park it. You can then transport the battery home, keep it somewhere warm to prevent freezing, and then take it back to the storage facility in the spring when you're ready to pick up the vehicle. This simple step beats the alternative of leaving the battery in place and needing a jump start from someone else.

Top Up Your Tire Air

Tires can be damaged due to sitting for long periods of time; the pressure can often lead to flat areas on the bottom of each tire. You can avoid this issue by making sure that all four of your tires are full of air. This job involves checking the maximum recommended pressure guideline in your vehicle's manual and visiting a gas station with an air pump before you park your vehicle for the winter.

Keep The Gas Tank Full

While you're at the gas station topping up your tires with air, take a moment to top up your gas tank. A partially empty gas tank is problematic because it can lead to moisture, which can cause problems when you attempt to start the car in the spring. For long-term storage, it can also be smart to add a bottle of gas stabilizer to your tank.

Give It A Wash And Wax

A wash and a coat of wax can help to protect your vehicle's body panels over the course of its stay at the storage facility. Road grime, salt and even droppings from birds can all impact your paint if left unattended for several months. By washing these substances off the vehicle and protecting the paint with a layer of wax, you can be sure that your vehicle will shine when you pick it up in the spring.

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