Three Scenarios That A Storage Unit Can Help You For A Few Weeks

One of the perks of renting space at a self-storage facility is that many businesses don't hold you to a minimum rental period. This means that while many people rent their units for months or even years on end, you have the freedom and flexibility to obtain space for just a few weeks – or even less, if your situation dictates it. A short-term storage solution is advantageous, regardless of your scenario, because it helps you avoid excess clutter in your home, which can be stressful. Here are three times that you might wish to consider renting storage space for a short length of time.

Goods Received In An Inheritance

When someone close to you passes away, one of the logistical challenges you'll face is dealing with the person's possessions. Everything from furniture to family heirlooms to financial documents can quickly fall into your care and can take up significant space. It's a big sigh of relief to be able to move all these new items to a storage unit. Although you'll still likely want to sort through everything expeditiously, nothing will be cluttering your home and it will be easy to arrange for other people close to the deceased individual to visit the storage unit to collect what they wish to have if desired. Once you've sorted everything out, you can simply terminate your usage of the unit.

Major House Cleaning

When you've decided to roll up your sleeves and give your home a major cleaning over the course of a couple weekends, it's advantageous to be able to completely empty several of your rooms. Carting your possessions from one room to another isn't necessarily practical and can make the job feel overwhelming. Instead, it can be beneficial to load up non-essential items and cart them to a storage facility. You'll have a greater ability to clean your home and then you'll be able to maintain proper order by slowly adding items back to the mix as needed. Removing things can also reveal which items are unnecessary and you'll be able to sell them instead of crowd your home with them.

Decorating Project

If you've hired a professional designer or decorator to give your home a facelift, one of your first priorities will be to remove old furniture and decorations from the space. In this scenario, self-storage comes in handy. Your excess items will be out of the way to allow the decorator to work his or her magic, and as you buy new items to place around your home, you'll be able to look at your stored possessions and decide which you'll keep and which you'll get rid of.

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