Fours Ways To Downsize Your Storage Unit For Efficiency And Savings

If you have had household items in storage for quite a while, it might be time to take inventory and possibly downsize to a smaller storage unit. If you aren't using your storage space efficiently, you are wasting money every month. Here are four tips when it comes to downsizing a storage space that might be too big for your actual needs.

1. Items No Longer Of Value

If you have had items in a storage unit for a year or longer, you might want to take a second look at your things. If you have a full size television set or old computer equipment, these items might be so outdated they will never be of use to you in the future. It's probably time to toss these or bring them to a location that recycles old electronics.

2. Let Go of Emotional Attachments

Really assess why you are keeping items and if you are going to use them in the future. If you have things left in storage purely for sentimental reasons, try to let go of some of these items if you can. Bring a friend who can look at your items with fresh eyes and help you decide if things can stay or if it's time to say goodbye.

3. Incorporate Items Back Into Your Life

If you packed things into storage during a move, maybe you had the best intentions of retrieving items once the dust settled. There might be useful items you forgot about that you can fit into your lifestyle now that you are moved in. The more items that you can use in your day-to day-life the better.  Housewares collecting dust in a storage unit that you are paying for aren't doing you any good.

4. Get Storage Organized

If you have slowly been pulling items out of your storage unit over time, your space might not be packed well, leaving unused space. Be sure to pull out the most bulky pieces and measure these to see if they would fit in a smaller unit. If you can fit your items in a smaller space, this will keep you more efficient in the future.

If a storage unit is a part of your life, be sure that you are using this space practically. If there are things that you don't need any more; don't pay for an extra large storage unit when you could downsize. Be honest with yourself and take the time to review your storage needs.

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