Self-Storage Tips: A Guide To Storing Your Leather Motorcycle Gear

It may have taken you a while to find the perfect leather gear for your motorcycle. And now you have to worry about properly storing your clothes for a season. The following guide will help keep your leather gear in good condition while in your self storage unit.

Step One: Choose The Right Storage Unit

Leather contains natural reoccurring oils that help maintain its structure. This oil is necessary but also susceptible to the conditions of its environment. Your leather clothes could become dry and brittle if you store them in a location that is too hot or if the sun hits them. So make sure your storage facility offers a unit that will not get any sunlight.

You also need to make sure that your unit controls the humidity within your space. This is because humidity creates the perfect environment for mold or mildew to grow, both of which can invade your leather jacket or pants. Just be sure to talk to your storage space specialist about keeping your unit around 75 degrees, which is a temperature that helps control humidity.

Step Two: It's All In The Packaging

The next thing that you should worry about is making sure that you store your leather jacket and pants in the right packaging. What you need to stay away from is plastic containers, which trap moisture. And you should also avoid acid packaging materials. Acids can discolor your leather over time.

So, try to find acid-free boxes and acid free garment tissue. You will use the tissue in between any folds you have to make to get your pants and jacket in their boxes. The tissue will help prevent permanent creases. Talk to your storage specialist about where to get this type of garment packaging materials, or you can go to a garment specialty store.

Step Three: Take Them For A Good Cleaning

You should also clean your leather clothes before you package and leave them in your storage location. You want to make sure you remove foreign oils, acids, and other organic matter from your clothes. You already know what acids can do, some of which could come from your own sweat. Foreign oils and organic matter may attract insects to your storage unit. And several types of insects can eat natural fibers, like your leather jacket or pants.

You should also condition your leather after cleaning it. Leather conditioners help seal the natural oils in your jacket and pants. These conditioners will also keep foreign particles from your leather clothes. You can get leather conditioner from your local leather specialty store.

As you can see, storing your leather gear does take a little preparation. But making sure that you do this should ensure that your leather clothes last and stay safe while they are stored. Visit sites like to learn more about storage unit options.