Store Your Ice Fishing Gear In Self-Storage

With winter coming to an end, ice fishing season is also wrapping up for the year. Now that the season is over, what are you going to do with all of the gear you use to catch the big fish under the ice? One suggestion is to put it in a self-storage unit. Here, you will learn how to prepare your gear before you put it in storage, so that it will be in perfect condition next winter.

Clean the Gear

Before you put your gear in storage, you must take the time to clean it all thoroughly. You do not want to put everything away without removing the moisture, dirt and debris that is stuck to it from use.

Fishing Poles – Wipe every element of the fishing poles and reels with a clean, damp cloth. Once you have removed the dirt and debris, set the poles and reels out in the sun to air-dry.

Gutting Equipment – Don't throw your gutting equipment into storage without thoroughly cleaning it. Failure to clean it thoroughly will cause the entire storage unit to fill with horrible odors that will cause the rest of the gear to smell by the time winter comes around.

Shelter Tent – Set up your shelter tent on a warm, clear day. Wipe down every surface of the tent using a damp cloth. Let it dry in the sun for a few hours, and then pack it back up. This will help keep the tent from growing mold and destroying it before you can use it again next season.

Boots – Never put your muddy boots in storage without cleaning them. Use a stiff brush to remove the dried mud. Then, use a leather conditioning product followed by a waterproofing product to clean and seal them. This will help to keep them in great condition for several ice fishing seasons.

Tackle – Don't forget the tackle and tackle box. Get rid of any bait that will be bad by next season and wipe down all of the tackle inside as well as each compartment. The cleaner you get everything, the better condition it will be in next year.

Prepare the Other Gear for Storage

Remove the batteries from your portable electronics and flashlights. Failure to do so could cause the batteries to leak inside the gadget and ruin it.

Gas-powered augers must be maintained before being put in storage. Add a stabilizing fluid to the fuel to help protect the machine from damage caused by not being used.

Store all of your gear in a climate-controlled storage locker like one at All American Mini Storage in an organized manner. This way, your gear will be ready to go next winter when ice fishing season is opening up for you to enjoy.